Rental Management

Zoltan Properties offers tenant search, tenant management and rent and deposit management.



  • Preliminary visit to assess any repairs and utilities.
  • Photography
  • Background verification.
  • Posting and Publishing in multiple channel including our rental portal and social media
  • Connect with prospective Tenant from our existing database and market.
  • Agreement registration.
  • Facilitate move-in/out.
  • Collection of security deposit and 1st rent

How It Works

Step 1
Owner contacts Zoltan Properties representative and authorizes them to rent out the property on the house owner's behalf
Step 2
Owner hands over keys and relevant property documents to the Zoltan representative after executing the agreement.
Step 3
Zoltan hunts for tenants, the ones working with MNC’s and looking out for a house on rent from their pool or through their social media marketing platform
Step 4
Once the tenant is finalised, Zoltan offers background verification of the prospective tenant and gather proof of employment from the prospective tenant
Step 5
After the background verification, Zoltan prepares the contract agreement to be signed by both owner and the tenant
Step 6
Tenant transfers monthly rent to owner's account. Zoltan continues to maintain property till end of the lease based on a monthly fee agreed