Do these things to find a hassle free rental home!


Do these things to find a hassle free rental home!

With the Covid unlock in progress, people are coming out of their ultimate sanctuary that is home. As many students, workers and professionals are planning to move back to cities, there are areas in Hyderabad that are seeing a spike in rental activity. A number of urban dwellers who had chosen to vacate their rented places and move back to their hometown are now returning and looking up for places to stay. They have also come back with a renewed mindset as they had all the time in the world to reflect on what worked and what didn’t in their previous rented space. For instance, having an outdoor space within the safe confines of your property seems much more important now that gyms and parks are considered high-risk areas. Yards that people thought they could do without suddenly seem like a must-have. Another factor is the scale and scope of lease contracts as most people are struggling financially and are not sure if there would be another lockdown in future.


Zoltan’s research team has come up with a list of questions to help you sift through the different aspects of your current property – from the ones worthy of retaining and others which could be discarded and everything else in between.

1. What’s good now and what maybe different?

  • On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your current residence?
  • What’s one thing you like the most about your current home?
  • And what’s the worst aspect of your home?
  • Is the architectural style or the layout to your liking?
  • What room do you spend the most time in and why?

2. Layout and flow: Feeling at home?

  • Is the current home big enough for you? How will you rearrange your space?
  • Is your current home compartmentalized or open floor? Does it match your lifestyle?
  • Do you have enough rooms and bathrooms?
  • Is it a single floor or multistory home?
  • Are you happy with the ventilation?
  • Do you wish for a special room in your next home?
  • Are you happy with the fixtures and paintings?

3 . Outdoor activity - how do you like more space outside?

  • Do you enjoy more outdoor space?
  • Do you have outdoor space currently?
  • Do you enjoy gardening?
  • What would you improve on the outside?
  • How much effort will the outdoor require to maintain the place?

Neighborhood - and are the retail spaces accessible?

  • Are you happy with your current neighborhood?
  • Does your neighborhood have parks, nearby retails?
  • How is the density in the vicinity, noise level and security?
  • How accessible are amenities such as the grocers, schools, transport, gym or health centers?
  • Are there any decent malls or shopping centers in the vicinity?
  • Is there any neighborhood in Hyderabad that you would consider ideal?


  • How long do you intend in stay in your current home?
  • What is a suitable lease period for you, considering your present situation?

While these are some of the questions that one must ask before relocating, it is also important to understand the current market trends and match it with your preferences. Millennials, for example, tend to prefer apartments to landed properties, as they require low maintenance, could be easily shared, have shorter lease periods, and are cheaper.

Renting a home has always been a challenge, but is even more so now, in these precarious times. One could easily overlook some factors, only to regret later. Some of these are landlord’s expectations about the upkeep of the property, proximity to amenities, neighborhood, etc. So, it’s always prudent to work with agents who are experienced enough to do the analysis for you and match the home to your requirement. This eliminates going back and forth and facing disappointments and inconveniences later.

On the other end of the spectrum are landlords who are increasingly wary about leasing their properties to unknown tenants. For NRI property owners, this predicament is two-fold as they are not physically present to regularly check on their properties. Hence, many of the landlords are opting for outsourcing the tenancy services to third-party companies that actively manage the tenants and provide maintenance services as well. A trustworthy and dependable agency could alleviate a great deal of your anxiety and stress when it comes to the leasing and upkeep of your valuable property, all the time ensuring you get your rentals on time.

Zoltan assists rental home-seekers with a suite of services, from identifying a property, background check to area analysis, and budget matching. On the other hand, Zoltan helps landowners to smoothly rent out their property to a pre-verified tenant. This reduces friction between the landlord and the tenant to a large extent and ensures the satisfaction of both parties.

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