Sumadhura Horizon


A home filled with fun, love and laughter. A space to breathe fresh and rejoice in happiness. With the luxury filled in every corner and greenery all around life is a bliss of its kind. Indoor and outdoor amenities that enrich a sport fanatic and allows you to stay young and energetic forever. Being strategically located in the vicinity of top education institutions, shopping centres and tech parks, Sumadhura Horizon allows you to spend enough time with your loved ones. Sumadhura Horizon is a kick start to happy living!


An individualistic residential space which offers a lifestyle embellished with a beauty of its own. A distinct royal character dwells well into luxury, blending seamlessly and towering above the horizon of Hyderabad. Located at Kondapur, Hyderabad, Sumadhura Horizon comes with top-of-the-line specifications that include global brands and excellent amenities that align with home buyers who are looking for a life style that is cut above the rest.


  1. Entrance plaza
  2. Gateway with security cabin
  3. Bus shelter
  4. Visitors car park
  5. Floral garden (Tower 1& 4)
  6. Sculpture plaza (Tower 1)
  7. Elders’ chitchat zone (Tower 1)
  8. Outdoor gym equipment (Tower 3)
  9. Reflexology pathway (Tower 3 & 4)
  10. Elders’ seating zone (Tower 3 & 4)
  11. Yoga platform (Centre)
  12. Giant chess court (Tower 1)
  13. Aromatic garden (Tower 3)
  14. Skating rink (Tower 1 & 2)
  15. Cycle stand (All towers)
  16. Trampoline park (Tower 2)
  17. Hopscotch (Tower 1)
  18. Ludo court (Tower 2 & 3)
  19. Dribble court (Tower 2 & 3)
  20. Children’s play equipment on lawn
    (Tower 2 & 3)
  21. Tot-lot on EPDM flooring for 5-6 years (Tower 3)
  22. Tot-lot chalk studio for 2-5 years (Tower 3)
  23. Tot-lot EPDM flooring for 6-12 years (Tower 3)
  24. Children’s play theme Park for 3-12 years (Tower 2)
  25. Children’s multi-activity fit play zone for 3-12 years (Tower 3)
  26. Swings park (Tower 4)
  27. Informal gathering/party lawn
  28. Musical garden
  29. Spillout multi-purpose party hall
  30. Open air theatre
  31. Stepping stone pathway
  32. Multi-purpose park with seater
  33. Pet park
  34. Futsal
  35. Tower lobby
  36. Mini maze garden
  37. Unique tree court
  38. Water body
  39. Interactive jets
  40. Focal element with sculpture
  41. Joging/cycling track
  42. Surface car parking
  43. Thematic sculpture court for 5-12 years
  44. Organic waste converter (OWC) Unit
  45. High tension (HT) Panel
  46. Transformer yard
  47. Gas bank

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